June 2023: Using Fixed 4G/5G to Expand Internet Access across Africa Report

Our complimentary report examines the state of internet access in Africa, identifies key challenges, and proposes actionable solutions for the use of fixed 4G/5G to expand user access to the internet. Through a combination of rigorous data analysis, case studies, expert insights, and comparative analysis, this report strives to shed light on the use of fixed 4G/5G in Africa. It illustrates the possible evolution of fxied 4G/5G in Africa, based on various spectrum usage scenarios and potential government support measures. The hope is that this research will spur dialogue, inspire action, and provide a useful resource for policymakers, stakeholders, and anyone committed to advancing the digital frontier in Africa.

June 2023:
SA Consumer Fixed Broadband Report

Welcome to the SA Consumer Broadband Market Report for 2023. This report provides an exhaustive overview of the SA consumer broadband market. The report encapsulates a comprehensive understanding of the market, including trends, size, growth drivers, challenges, and potential opportunities. It also provides insights into the competitive landscape, market segmentation, and the future outlook of the market.The report also incorporates a detailed analysis of the market's key players, exploring their strategies, market share, product portfolios, and recent developments. This will give readers an understanding of the competitive dynamics of the market and help identify opportunities for investment or strategic planning.


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