Meet our team

Andre Wills

Managing Director

Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8727

Mobile:                +27 (0)82 447 2278


André is responsible for the overall management of the company, dividing his time between administrative and operational tasks, client management, co-formulation of strategy, business development and marketing, and providing dedicated support to customers.

André has spent over twenty four years working in the ICT industry in various analyst and consulting roles. Over these years André has travelled and undertaken ICT projects in twenty two countries spanning Africa and the Middle East.

Over these years, André has undertaken a wide variety of projects, including supply-side and demand-side research, market analysis and modelling, benchmark studies, forecast analysis, competitor and competitive landscape analysis, strategy analysis and development, business plan development, due diligence, policy development and arbitration expert witness appearances.

Over his career, André has worked for Unilever, ATC, BMI-Technology Group and Africa Analysis.

Dobek Pater

Director: Business Development

Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8665

Mobile:                +27 (0)83 306 2306


Dobek is responsible for client management, co-formulation of strategy, business development and marketing, and work on projects.

Dobek’s career of some twenty years in the ICT sector has exposed him to a wide variety of projects, including supply-side and demand-side research, retail and wholesale market research and analysis, competitive market landscape analysis, market modelling and forecasting, strategy analysis and development, business plan development, due diligence, and arbitration expert witness appearances. He has undertaken in-country projects in over twenty countries in Africa and analysed various aspects of all African markets.

Dobek is frequently quoted in the local and international media, and appears regularly on TV and radio shows. He also chairs and presents every year at major industry conferences held in Africa.

When not talking, breathing, reading and dreaming telecoms, Dobek likes to be taken for walks by his dogs, participate in outdoor sport activities, and do community work.

Natalie Bryden

Director: IT Services Research

Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8802

Mobile:                +27 (0)72 245 9445


Natalie has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry – in marketing, sales, business development and research positions. She has worked on both the suppler and client sides and has held positions such as global market research manager for a large IT company and  senior IT services analyst.

Natalie has first-hand experience with implementing and managing large global research projects and Voice of the Client programmes, and has conducted extensive industry, market sizing, market growth, price benchmark and competitive research.

She has a BA in Communications (RAU / UJ), a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing through IMM, a Masters Certification in Competitive Intelligence (through ACI in the US) and is currently working towards an MSc in Strategic Planning through Edinburgh Business School / Heriot-Watt University (UK).

Ofentse Dazela

Director: Pricing Research

Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8813

Mobile:                +27 (0)76 193 6691


As the Director: Pricing Research, Ofentse is responsible for managing the research and analysis of products and services pricing within the ICT sector, and advising clients of pricing trends and developments. Ofentse manages and oversees the ongoing development of the various pricing databases (including broadband pricing databases) that forms the foundation on which he provides valuable insights regarding price movements in the market.

In addition to directing the pricing research, Ofentse’s other area of focus is on the FTTx market, assessing various technologies adopted by the market players, tracking the deployment of FTTx infrastructure in South Africa, and tracking the evolving fibre-based offerings (including value-added services).

In addition, Ofentse tracks the consumer retail, business and regulatory developments in the South African telecommunications market, and compiles competitive market analysis reports for clients.

Ofentse has worked in the telecoms sector for eleven years, participating in various projects, conducting extensive research, as well as engaging with regulatory bodies, government departments and telecoms operators.

Ofentse’s knowledge of the telecoms market is highly valued in the industry, and he periodically appears in the industry and mainstream media commenting on market developments.

In his spare time, Ofentse likes reading, travelling, motivating young people, and spending time with his family.

Theo Scribante


Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8866

Mobile:                +27 (0)83 327 6600


Theo fulfils the role of a Telecommunications Financial Analyst and a Consultant, with an electrical engineering background, at Africa Analysis. The combination of financial / business analysis and engineering skills, coupled with extensive ICT industry experience, provides Theo with the ability to critically understand the ICT environment.

Theo’s career of over 25 years in the ICT industry and the consulting environment enable Theo to work on strategic projects from a holistic perspective. Theo is mainly involved in projects with a financial analysis or costing angle to them, due diligence projects, and business analysis projects with technical characteristics. Over the past dozen years or so Theo’s focus has been on regulatory costing, activity based costing and LRIC modelling, working mostly on the wholesale aspect of costing. The range of engagements has seen Theo work for some of the largest telecommunications operators in Africa, as well as for national regulatory authorities.

In his time away from ICT analysis and cost modelling, Theo potters around with technology and gadgets and reads (anything from non-fiction to science fiction).

Lynne Larsen

Content Manager

Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8740

Mobile:                +27 (0)83 306 2306


Lynne is responsible for managing the content on the online portals and that of the reports produced for clients by Africa Analysis. She is also involved in undertaking research on projects done by Africa Analysis.

Lynne has spent most of her professional life working in the publishing industry as an editor for various publications, mainly in the IT field.

Other than her love for the English language and IT, Lynne is a UCI-qualified cycling commissaire and spends most of her free time involved in the sport or doing community work.

Nozi Dikgale


Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8804

Mobile:                +27 (0)82 990 7267


Nozi is an experienced market researcher and media analyst, with nine years of professional experience in various roles at media agencies and companies, including Media Monitoring SA, Media24 and Mindshare, where she worked on the Unilever account. In the course of work, she acquired knowledge of research data sets such as TGI, Clear Decisions, Effective, Measure, AMPS, RAMS and TAMS, as well as Addynamix (Nielsen’s analytical tool).

Nozi also has extensive experience in undertaking market trends and share of voice analysis and delivering presentations. Nozi holds a BA in Media Studies and Industrial Sociology (University of the Witwatersrand) and a Media Management Certificate from the AAA School of Advertising.

Thabo Bapela


Office tel:            +27 (0)87 357 8843

Mobile:                +27 (0)73 511 9305


Thabo worked for five years at Ipsos, first as a Research Assistant and later as a Junior Research Executive responsible for tracking customer satisfaction when servicing or buying a vehicle with a dealership, checking data collection updates daily and providing feedback to data collection, the project team and Account Manager. Ensuring research basics and disciplines are implemented and upheld, including: logic checks, checklists, task instructions, document standards and policies and procedures.

Thabo spent over three years working as a Media Analyst at Monitoring South Africa , gaining extensive media research skills through media monitoring and analysis. As a Media Analyst he ensured that daily data capturing was done to create a database, whilst allocating prominence factors to each client specific media item and compiling monthly media analysis reports and sending them to relevant clients.